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Toothache Home Remedies – How to Stop the Pain

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Having a toothache can be a terribly painful experience.  I have gone through many of them myself and they can be downright horrible.  When you have a toothache it’s all you can think about, not to mention you can’t sleep at night.  So, here I have found some toothache home remedies that I and other sufferers have found to work.

  1. Most importantly, take some advil/ibuprophen.  Whatever pain reliever in your medicine cabinet will do.  This can drastically make a difference on the pain scale.
  2. Brush your teeth!  I know this sounds obvious but a lot of times cleaning your teeth can make a toothache feel better.  Sometimes food can get stuck in the wrong places causing a toothache.  I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me.
  3. Rinse your mouth out really well with Listerine.  I don’t know what it is, but Listerine can instantly make a toothache feel better.  The pain relief is usually only temporary but it’s well worth it to have a short break from the pain.
  4. Rinse your mouth out with salt water.  Sea salt is preferred but any salt will do.  Make the salt water as salty as you can and mix it with warm water.  Keep the salt water rinse in your mouth for as long as you can take it.  If you have an infection in your tooth, the salt water will help wash the infection away.  The salt water rinse has a very soothing effect as well.  Try it.
  5. Pick up some Severe Toothache Oragel at your local drug store.  Most stores carry this product.  This stuff will save your life.  It will numb the pain from the toothache.
  6. Try to add minced garlic in some warm water.  Get a cotton ball and soak it in this substance.  Hold it on top of the troubled tooth.  Leave this on your tooth for around 5 minutes.
  7. Golden Seal Root Extract.  Put it on a Q-Tip and hold it against the tooth.  This is like a natural antibiotic.
  8. Vanilla Extract.  This is a good way to take the pain away.  Be careful about letting it touch areas other than your tooth because it will burn.
  9. Try putting Ginger on your tooth.
  10. Try rinsing your mouth with Whiskey or a strong Vodka, many have stated that this can work wonders.  It most definitely will numb the pain for a while.
  11. Spray the area with a throat spray.  This spray will numb your mouth.
  12. Oil of Oregano.  This stuff tastes horrible but is great for stopping any toothache pain.
  13. Some people have found that putting Vicks Vapor rub on the outside cheek can make the pain subside.
  14. Hold an ice cube in the hand opposite of the toothache.  After the ice cube melts the pain will be gone.
  15. Add clove oil to a Q-Tip and hold it on the tooth for a few minutes.
  16. Try using Sensodyne toothpaste instead of regular toothpaste.  This toothpaste is made for sensitive teeth and can lessen toothache pain.
  17. Eugenol.  If you go to the drug store and buy the “Emergency Toothache Kit” a bottle of this will be included.  Be VERY careful with this stuff and use as little as possible.  I once applied too much to a Q-Tip and it burned the living daylights out of my gums.  It feels worse than pure alcohol.

I hope that some of these tips are helpful.  I have used the majority of the above remedies myself.  I am no stranger to terrible toothaches.  I hope you feel better soon!




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