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Dry Hair Home Remedies

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Dry Hair Home Remedies


Dry hair is a total tragedy.  If you are someone that frequently colors your hair, you have probably had many dry hair days.  Even the blow dryer can dry your hair out if you’re not careful.  Dry hair is dull and not a lot of fun.  Everyone has bad hair days but dry hair creates a lot more bad hair days than good.  Check out the following dry hair home remedies to beat those frizzy “bad hair” days!


Dry Hair Causes

As stated above hair dye can cause dry hair as well as the following:  Too much heat on hair (hair dryer, curling irons), sun and wind, perms, harsh shampoo, shampooing too often, swimming pool chlorine and hard minerals in the water that you wash your hair in.


How to Repair Dry Hair

  • Go over to Sallys and get some deep conditioner.  There are many to choose from, just find a deep conditioner.  I find that those after-coloring conditioners work the best.  On a day that you don’t need to leave the house, have yourself a deep conditioning day.  Hairdressers will even tell you to do this.  Wash your hair and keep conditioner on your hair for as long as you can.  I have left mine on for a half a day.  You can add a shower cap if you would like.  I have once clipped a plastic bag over my head (printed side OFF the head).  Doing this keeps heat on your head and helps the conditioner work better.  When it dries, add some more.  Be aware that the next day you will need to wash your hair again.  Your hair will be VERY oily after this process.  This is good because you are adding some moisture to your hair.  This will do a world of wonders for you hair.
  • Stop brushing your hair so much.  Your hair doesn’t need to be tangle free when you’re lounging around at the house.  Give it a break.  Too much brushing puts strain and can stretch your hair.  There is a fantastic detangle brush at Mastercuts that you can buy that won’t damage your hair.  It’s bright pink and has a british flag in the package.  I’m sorry but I can’t remember the name but the people at Mastercuts will know exactly what it is if you ask.  This brush is around $9.00 and you can even brush your hair while wet with this brush.  It’s the best $9.00 I have ever spent.  If you have kids, you will want to buy a couple of these to always have around.  It pulls knots out of hair so easily.
  • Go natural for a while and loose the heat.  Let your hair dry naturally as often as possible.  Lay off the curling iron and hot rollers.  If you must use heat, use heat protection.  You can buy heat protection in a spray at any store for around $3.00.  You will notice a huge change in your hair by using heat protection.  As a bonus it adds shine and a little hold!
  • Try a protein treatment.  Again, you can get this at Sallys.
  • Try washing your hair once a week for 2 weeks.  This will allow the natural oils in your hair to do its job repairing your hair.
  • Make an egg wash.  Separate eggs and mix the whites with water and a little honey. Moisten your hair with warm water and apply the mixture. Leave on hair for 10 minutes.
  • Put mayonnaise in your hair.  It’s gross but it works.  You can even leave this on overnight in a shower cap if you have the guts!


Follow the tips above to get some moisture back into your hair.  The best tip is to let your hair rest and condition, condition, condition.



Panic Attacks – The End to Anxiety

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Panic Attack                                                                        Photo By:  ColinPortfolio

Panic Attacks are Scary

I’ve been there.  Your heart starts racing, you feel faint and you feel like you can’t breathe.  You are certain that your life on this earth is coming to an end!  It is the most terrifying feeling that I have ever felt.  It all started when I was young very and saw a certain reptile lying before me.  I have a terrible phobia of these things and I can’t even say the name.  I am sure you all know what I am speaking of though.  All I could feel was an impeding doom before me.

Later on in my life these attacks started happening more.  I found myself standing in front of a small group of people giving a presentation in class and it started to happen.  I could feel the sweat pouring down my face.  My mouth became dry.  My voice started trembling and I felt like I couldn’t breathe.  I could feel the fight or flight syndrome kicking in.  I wanted to find ANY reason in this world to get out of there.  I abruptly ended the presentation mid sentence and pretended to be sick.  Not only was I having a panic attack, I was mortified.  It was the worst experience of my life.  Not only are panic attacks debilitating, they are also humiliating. I now try to keep myself out of these types of situations as often as possible.  I know avoidance isn’t the best way, but that’s how I deal with it.


How to Stop Panic Attacks

Flash forward to today and I rarely get panic attacks anymore.  When I do, they are late at night when I am falling asleep.  Sometimes I panic when I feel my body starting to drift off to sleep.  It kind of reminds me of what dying might feel like.  I have come to the conclusion that many of us afflicted with panic attacks are just scared to death of dying.  I am convinced of this.  Anyway, I have learned to control my panic attacks and this post is to share with you what I have learned.  Ok, enough about me!

  • Whenever you feel a panic attack coming on, recognize that it’s there.  This is very important.  If you want to conquer this feeling, you must acknowledge it’s existence.  Say the following to yourself:
  1. I’m ok.
  2. This will pass in a few minutes.
  3. It’s only a panic attack.
  4. It can’t hurt me.

It’s important to know that a panic attack CAN’T hurt you.  I promise.  If you feel faint, go ahead and lay down.  You will be ok.  If you’re in public, don’t freak out.  Let people know that you are sick and need a moment.  They will understand.  Nobody needs to know that you’re experiencing a panic attack if you are embarrassed about it.  They will never know unless they experience panic attacks themselves and they will definitely understand.

  • Pay very close attention to your breathing.  I have noticed when I have panic attacks that I am breathing too rapidly.  This can cause you to hyperventilate.  I believe this is what begins the symptoms of a panic attack.  Slow down your breathing.  You can even hold your breath for a few seconds.
  • After you have your breathing under control, take a slow deep breath.  Exhale slowly.  This will help relax your body.  Keep your breathing slow.
  • Start counting backwards from 1000.  Just do something that will take your mind off the way you feel.  You need to distract yourself.  Get out of your head and stop thinking about the panic attack.  You are ok.

Remember:  Panic Attacks Can’t Hurt You

I have learned how to stop my panic attacks from happening by watching my breathing (as stated above).  I believe it’s very possible to stop these things from happening by doing this.  Just always remember that you will be ok.  It will always pass.  If you can’t stop your panic attacks yourself and they are severe, you should probably consult with a doctor.  There are so many things that cause people to have anxiety.  A lot of people don’t even know why they have these attacks.  Try the above tips and you should see some improvement.  It won’t completely stop them from happening but it will give you some control.



Bladder Infection Home Remedies

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Urinary tract infection

Image By:  muted-pain


If you’ve ever had a Bladder Infection you will most likely not forget it.  I can remember this experience as being the most painful of my life.  It literally felt as if my insides were being ripped out.  It’s a HORRIBLE feeling!  There is never any relief from it, not even for a minute during the day.  Even going to sleep was a painful experience.  I can not express to you how horrible these things are!  Just in case you’ve never had a bladder infection, here are some symptoms.



Painful and burning during urination.

Lower back pain.

Bloody urine.

Urine with a bad odor.

Cloudy or unclear urine.

You just feel horrible and tired.


What is a Bladder Infection?

A Bladder Infection is an infection of the lower urinary tract, which consists of the bladder, ureter and urethra.  It is usually caused by a bacteria getting inside of the urinary tract and irritating it.  Bladder Infections are generally not serious but can potentially turn into a Kidney Infection if not taken care of within an appropriate amount of time.  It’s always important to get this taken care of.


Bladder Infection Home Remedies

There are actually a lot of different things that can be done to remedy a Bladder Infection at home.  There aren’t many effective methods of curing it, but there are many to kill the pain.  Lets talk about what can be done to cure it first.  There is a substance called d-mannose.  It is one of the most effective ways to fight off an infection.  Sometimes the relief can be felt within hours of taking this supplement.  D-mannose safely flushes out the urinary tract during urination.  This washes the bacteria away that causes a Bladder Infection.  There are no side effects that I am aware of.  I have been taking this stuff for years and it has been a life saver.  It usually takes two to three days for a Bladder Infection to completely go away when taking d-mannose.  My Grandmother told me about this stuff a while ago and I have been using it ever since.  Now, lets learn about some things that can reduce the pain while you’re waiting for your infection to go away.


Pain Relief Home Remedies

  1. Obviously we need to take some over the counter pain reliever.  I usually stick with Ibuprophen.
  2. Go to the store and pick up a product called “AZO”.  This is a urinary pain reliever and will literally save you from a lot of pain.  Be aware that this stuff can turn your urine a strange color (orange usually).  Go get this.  You will find a HUGE relief from using this.  I can’t stress how important this is.  If you get a lot of Bladder Infections I will suggest that you should always have AZO nearby.  While you’re out by an extra box to store in your medicine cabinet or purse.  It’s less than 5 dollars and box and you will thank yourself later, I promise!
  3. Stop wiping your behind from back to front.  Go the extra mile and wipe from front to back from now on and always.  This is most likely why you have a Bladder Infection in the first place if you do this.  Bladder Infection causing bacteria comes from the anus, think about it.
  4. Each time you use the restroom, clean yourself off.  Use a clean wash cloth or a baby wipe, either will do.  You want to keep that nasty bacteria off your genitals.  This will help relieve a lot of that burn that you feel.
  5. After you’ve washed yourself off, take a clean hot wash cloth and hold it over your genitals.  You can do this anytime the pain gets intense for some instant relief.  The hot water on the wash cloth will be incredibly soothing.
  6. Change your underwear a few times a day when you have a Bladder Infection.  The key to lessening the pain is to keep yourself as clean as possible.  Just remember to stay clean and you will feel better faster.
  7. Go stand in the shower.  If you must, shower really well and then run a hot bath.  Just make sure that both you and the bathtub are clean before getting in.  A lot of Bladder Infections happen due to people bathing in a bathtub.  All of that bacteria that you wash off your body is just floating around looking for a way in.  If you are very clean beforehand, this shouldn’t be a problem.


Well that’s about it.  D-mannose, AZO and keeping yourself clean are the 3 main points that I wanted to get across to you guys.  I know that most of this article is geared toward women.  Men a lot of this goes for you as well.  AZO and d-mannose will help you as well.  As for staying clean, it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea.  You find a link below about UTIs in males.  By following the tips listed here, I can guarantee you will be feeling better within a day.  It has always worked for me and my friends and I’m sure it will work for you as well.  Get well!


Earache Home Remedies

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Have you ever woke up with a horrible earache?  An earache is characterized by having pain come from the area in which the ear is located.  Sometimes this pain can be severe and in a lot of cases very tolerable.  An earache can affect one or both ears.  This pain can be a dull or very sharp pain.  Some people complain of a burning pain during an earache.  Collected here are some home remedies in which I hope you find helpful.


  1. Codeine is very helpful but for most people not an option.  There is an alternative that can be purchased at any store.  It is called Robitussin DM.  Dextromethorphan is a derivative of codeine and is also found in Robitussin DM.  This will kill the earache pain.
  2. Put a hot rag or heating pad next to your ear.  The heat will be very soothing to help with the pain.
  3. Heat up oil.  After it is heated up dip a cotton ball in it and squeeze out the excess.  Place the cotton ball in your ear and leave it over night.  The next morning when you wake up the pain should be lessened or completely gone.
  4. Get a bed buddy from Walgreens.  It is a rice filled tube sock.  Sleep with this at night.  This also works for colds as well.
  5. Crush two garlic cloves in olive oil.  Heat this up in the microwave.  Once it is heated, soak some up in a cotton ball and place a few drops in the ear.  This has brought instant relief to myself and many others.  Be careful and make sure the solution is not too hot before using.
  6. Try putting rubbing alcohol in your ear.
  7. Use a cold compress next to the ear.  This should numb the pain in some severe cases.
  8. Put some Vicks Vapor Rub on a cotton ball or Q-Tip.  Gently rub the cotton ball/Q-tip inside of your ear, not too much though.  This has a soothing effect and will help with the pain.
  9. Heat up a wash cloth in the microwave.  Place one drop of vinegar in the troubled ear and then immediately place the hot wash cloth on top of the ear.  The pain should subside within minutes.
  10. If you are out of olive oil then heat up some vegetable oil.  Once the vegetable oil is heated up place a cotton ball/Q-tip inside and place a few drops in your ear.
  11. Sometimes a large build up of earwax can be the culprit of an earache.  Try flushing out your ear with warm water, baking soda and a peroxide solution.  This will make the earwax quickly drain out of your ear, providing you with instant relief.  Try it, earwax may be your problem.
  12. Take a warm wash cloth and place some chopped up garlic on it.  Wrap the wash cloth and place on your ear while laying down.
  13. If you’re having trouble sleeping, sleep on the opposite side of the earache.
  14. Put a few drops of sweet olive oil in your ear.  Place a cotton ball inside of your ear to keep the sweet olive oil inside.
  15. Get some white vinegar and rubbing alcohol.  Mix each together with equal parts.  Warm it and place some drops inside of the ear.
  16. Try taking one tablespoon of vinegar and one tablespoon of Vodka and mixing them together to make an ear drop.  Drop this in your ear for instant relief.
  17. Try taking some baby oil and heating it.  Apply the baby oil inside of the ear and follow up by adding a cotton ball inside of the ear.
  18. Go to your local store and pick up an herb called Gingko Biloba.  Usually an hour after taking the first pill you will get some relief.


I hope that you find some relief for your earache!  I know that these things can be incredibly painful.  Get well everyone!

Runner Knee – Signs, Symptoms and Pain Relief

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Runners Knee Symptoms

Photo By:  amilionways


Runners Knee or Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome is often a common complaint among many runners.  Being a runner myself, I have dealt with the misery of having “Runners Knee”.  Runners Knee can sometimes be a misleading term because it can affect many different athletes other than runners.  Bikers and people that walk a lot can encounter this ailment as well.  It usually affects individuals that are involved with a lot of knee bending.  It can be a very painful experience for many and can even keep one up at night due to the pain that it can cause.



Overuse of the knee can cause this ailment.  The nerves inside of the kneecap can become very irritated with repeated use.  Over-stretched tendons can also be a culprit.

Sometimes your bones can be out of alignment and can cause runners knee.  If your bones are misaligned then your weight can cause a lot of stress on your knee.

Some type of trauma to the knee.  Lifting too much weight or a fall are two examples.

Weak thighs.

Flat feet can cause over-stretching of the tendons around the knee.

Tight hamstrings.

A kneecap that is too high in the knee joint.

Achilles tendons that are too tight.

Excessive physical activity.

Rolling of ones foot while running/walking.



Pain in or around the kneecap.  This can be a sharp or dull pain.  Sometimes this can be extremely painful, especially when involved with physical activity.

Pain when the knee is bent.  This can happen while sitting down, walking and etc.

Popping sensation in the knee.

Increasing pain while walking down a hill or down stairs.

Pain when knee is bent for too long, even while sitting.

Kneecap hurts while touched.


Remedies and Treatment

Runners Knee will most likely heal on its own with time.  If you seek out medical help, a doctor will likely perform a physical exam and an X-Ray of the knee.  Sometimes a CT scan or a MRI will be done.

Luckily there are some things that can be done at home to relieve the pain.  Some examples are:

Most importantly be sure to rest the knee as much as possible.  Lessen your physical activities are much as possible.  Be sure to stop running if your a runner for a while to ensure that the knee heals.  Try to keep as much weight off of your knee as possible.  Giving the knee the rest it needs will result in it healing faster.

Compress.  Make sure to compress your knee to give it the extra support that it needs.  The best way to do this is to wrap it.  There are bandages that can be found at most stores.

A heating pad can do wonders for the pain.  Try to use a heating pad on your knee while you are resting.

Ice your knee.  This can stop some of the pain and swelling.  Keep doing this for 2-3 days as it is needed.

Be sure to take some pain killers.  Anti-Inflammatory pain killers are best to keep the swelling down.

Be sure to elevate the knee while sitting or lying down.  You can easily use pillows to achieve this.

Put some arch support in your shoes, especially if you have flat feet.

Try doing some strengthening exercises.  This will help your knee get back to normal.


By following these tips you can greatly reduce the time that it takes to overcome runners knee.  Try to not get down, runners knee can get even the best of us.  I hope you feel better soon!


Toothache Home Remedies – How to Stop the Pain

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Photo By:  JABUL0N

Having a toothache can be a terribly painful experience.  I have gone through many of them myself and they can be downright horrible.  When you have a toothache it’s all you can think about, not to mention you can’t sleep at night.  So, here I have found some toothache home remedies that I and other sufferers have found to work.

  1. Most importantly, take some advil/ibuprophen.  Whatever pain reliever in your medicine cabinet will do.  This can drastically make a difference on the pain scale.
  2. Brush your teeth!  I know this sounds obvious but a lot of times cleaning your teeth can make a toothache feel better.  Sometimes food can get stuck in the wrong places causing a toothache.  I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me.
  3. Rinse your mouth out really well with Listerine.  I don’t know what it is, but Listerine can instantly make a toothache feel better.  The pain relief is usually only temporary but it’s well worth it to have a short break from the pain.
  4. Rinse your mouth out with salt water.  Sea salt is preferred but any salt will do.  Make the salt water as salty as you can and mix it with warm water.  Keep the salt water rinse in your mouth for as long as you can take it.  If you have an infection in your tooth, the salt water will help wash the infection away.  The salt water rinse has a very soothing effect as well.  Try it.
  5. Pick up some Severe Toothache Oragel at your local drug store.  Most stores carry this product.  This stuff will save your life.  It will numb the pain from the toothache.
  6. Try to add minced garlic in some warm water.  Get a cotton ball and soak it in this substance.  Hold it on top of the troubled tooth.  Leave this on your tooth for around 5 minutes.
  7. Golden Seal Root Extract.  Put it on a Q-Tip and hold it against the tooth.  This is like a natural antibiotic.
  8. Vanilla Extract.  This is a good way to take the pain away.  Be careful about letting it touch areas other than your tooth because it will burn.
  9. Try putting Ginger on your tooth.
  10. Try rinsing your mouth with Whiskey or a strong Vodka, many have stated that this can work wonders.  It most definitely will numb the pain for a while.
  11. Spray the area with a throat spray.  This spray will numb your mouth.
  12. Oil of Oregano.  This stuff tastes horrible but is great for stopping any toothache pain.
  13. Some people have found that putting Vicks Vapor rub on the outside cheek can make the pain subside.
  14. Hold an ice cube in the hand opposite of the toothache.  After the ice cube melts the pain will be gone.
  15. Add clove oil to a Q-Tip and hold it on the tooth for a few minutes.
  16. Try using Sensodyne toothpaste instead of regular toothpaste.  This toothpaste is made for sensitive teeth and can lessen toothache pain.
  17. Eugenol.  If you go to the drug store and buy the “Emergency Toothache Kit” a bottle of this will be included.  Be VERY careful with this stuff and use as little as possible.  I once applied too much to a Q-Tip and it burned the living daylights out of my gums.  It feels worse than pure alcohol.

I hope that some of these tips are helpful.  I have used the majority of the above remedies myself.  I am no stranger to terrible toothaches.  I hope you feel better soon!





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